Two selections will be presented during the weeklong festival : an official competition that closes with an award ceremony, and a thematic one on social issues. For its sixth edition, the Festival has chosen to highlight the representations of youth in South Asian cinema.

Azmaish: A journey through the Subcontinent
2017 - Pakistan
Dir.: Sabiha Sumar
Genre: Documentary

Synopsis: After the 1947 Partition, Pakistan and India took different paths: Pakistan embarked on the path of Islam; India has chosen secularism. However, both countries are divided by their own religious fundamentalisms. Two women, Pakistani director Sabiha Sumar and Franco-Indian actress Kalki Koechlin, decide to travel together in both countries. Their meetings with the people on both sides of the border are an opportunity to make the voice of the silent majority heard, opening up new prospects for peace between the two states.

Abu: Father
2017 - Pakistan/Canada
Dir.: Arshad Khan
Genre: Documentary

Synopsis: In a documentary that blends family archive images and animation, director Arshad Khan discusses his complex relationship with his father: a Pakistani family’s migration to Canada, the assertion of his homosexuality, religious devotion and gradual withdrawal of his parents. Film will be followed by a questions/answers session with Arshad Khan.

Komola Rocket, the Orange Ship
2018 - Bangladesh
Dir.: Noor Imran Mithu
Genre: Drama

Synopsis: A former colonial era ferry finds itself stuck in a sandbank. On board include the runaway owner of a burned textile factory, a poet and herbalist, a new rich family, a band of acrobats and the body of a dead worker. Through the chance encounter between characters from very diverse social origins, 'Komola Rocket' (The Orange Ship) unveils many faces of contemporary Bangladesh.

Our guests

The festival is honoured to welcome French-Indian actress and director Kalki Koechlin, considerably popular in Bollywood movies, but also noted for her roles in independent films and her commitment to women’s rights. She will be accompanied by Pakistani director Sabiha Sumar, to present the documentary Azmaish : A Journey Through the Subcontinent. The director Arshad Khan will be present at the screening of the documentary Abu, on his delicate coming-out in a conservative Pakistani family. Hardik Mehta will present his film Round Figure, a dramatic comedy about a retired film actor who is trying to get his 500th role. Nicolas Jaoul will also be with us for his documentary on the revolt of the Untouchables in the province of Uttar Pradesh in the late 90s.

Kalki Koechlin
Sabiha Sumar
Arshad Khan
Hardik Mehta
Nicolas Jaoul
About the festival

The Festival aims to bring together a new generation of filmmakers who, in the context of national reappropriation of the means of film productions, are making films which are surpassing those of Bollywood type in the box office for the first-time. Born or raised in the era of India's opening to the foreign market (1991), influenced by world cinema, these artists are reinventing the codes of the Bollywood genre, but also the norms set by the Western.

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